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Funny Car racing is a particular sport in organized auto racing and is usually a part of dirt track racing. Funny Cars are commonly characterized by having a carbon fiber or fiberglass body over a custom-built chassis, giving them a somewhat vaguely approximate resemblance to production models from leading car manufacturers.

The term “funny car” was first used in the 1970's in the United Kingdom for the vehicle which was used in car racing as a way to promote a particular car brand. The phrase “funny car” has been used in the United States in the context of automotive shows, and has evolved over time to include the style of the vehicle itself. In the United Kingdom, Funny Cars is known as RAC Club vehicles. Although the RAC Club doesn't recognize Funny Cars as a true category of auto, there are many enthusiasts who use the term interchangeably with the more recognized Auto Club category of vehicles.

Funny Cars can be classified into four groups depending on their shape and construction. First, there are the stocky or long cars, which are more commonly referred to as “hot rods.” Second, are “muscle” cars, which are larger, heavier vehicles with longer chassis and engine designs that increase drag. Finally, there are “race cars,” which are cars which are designed to minimize drag and which have a low center of gravity and high aerodynamic lift. Lastly, there are “street cars,” which are very lightweight with short drivetrains and low to the ground and therefore less susceptible to high speed impacts.

The size of a car largely determines the kind of engine it uses. Some of the most popular engine types for Funny Cars are the “hot rod” (stocky/long) engines and the “muscle” (stocky/short) engines. A long “hot rod” car uses a high compression naturally-aspirated engine with a long stroke, while a long “muscle” car uses an air-cooled engine with a shorter stroke and larger displacement.

A “hot rod” car uses a front-engine, rear-axle design, whereas a “muscle” car uses a front-engine, mid-engine design. A “muscle car” will also usually have a long transmission with a gearbox with an independent transfer case and rear differential. The fuel system will be either an overhead carburetor or a turbocharged system.

A “muscle car” is designed with a front-engine, mid-engine design that utilizes a rear-axle design. The front-engine is similar to a stocky car's rear-engine design but with a mid-engine layout. Both front-engine and mid-engine “muscle car” cars utilize nitrous oxide or nitro for powering the car. A mid-engine “muscle car” will be equipped with a nitrous system and a mid-engine kit is often included to assist in tuning the engine for a smooth idle.

There are a few common mistakes made by novice “funny car” racers that can cost them money and damage their cars. First, the driver needs to make sure that he knows exactly what he is doing when driving or else risk wrecking the car. Second, drivers can cause a lot of unnecessary damage by being reckless and driving wildly and third, by being careless, the car might crash.

There are a few guidelines that a driver should follow when operating a car: make sure that the tires are always properly inflated; always keep the car properly balanced; and never over-rev the engine or accelerate too fast for the car to run properly. The driver also needs to pay special attention to the brake system and the tires as the brakes may wear out faster than other parts of the vehicle and need to be checked regularly.

If a “funny car” racer is able to learn the basics of driving, he can take his ride on the road and learn some of the tricks of the trade so that he does not have to worry about running the car at full tilt all the time. But if a person wants to race their car, he must still practice safety.

It is important that the car's suspension is in good shape as a wrecked car could roll over in a car-vs-car accident. collision because the car may end up in the path of oncoming traffic and cause serious injury or even death. The suspension system can be adjusted by replacing the suspension bushes or ball joints and struts, changing wheel weights or installing new suspension bushings and struts. A car's steering system may be changed by removing the suspension bushes and rewinding the steering system to make it more responsive and steering better for racing.

A car that is used for racing can run for only a few miles, and the driver can learn some tricks on how to drive a car before taking it on the street. After all, a car can go only so far until someone hits it with a truck, van, or car.

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