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2020 Ford Bronco interior design – Raj Nair, the Chief Technical Officer, Ford, said that the Bronco to be launched is his own personal vehicle and not any existing Ford Fiesta. Ford launched a fan page on their social media site for the launch and relaunch of the new Bronco. The Ford Bronco design team […]

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For those who have purchased a C8 Corvette, it is probably only natural that they will want their interior to reflect their individual tastes as well. For many car owners, a vehicle's interior design can be one of its last lines of defense against the elements, as well as one of its greatest assets in […]

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Custom car interiors are a wonderful way to make your car stand out. They are easy to find and they can really help to increase the value of your car. There are many options when it comes to designing your car interior, and there are many different options for you to choose from. Some of […]

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The Honda Civic's interior is one of the more modern looking inside, and the 350Z interior offers the same amount of options that the regular Honda Civic does. You can customize your car to any level that you want it to be, including putting in a dash, and you can even change out your seats […]

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The Dodge Chargers has been one of the most popular American trucks ever since they first came out on the scene back in the late 70s. If you happen to be looking for a beautiful vehicle with all the features that would make your dreams come true, then this might just be the right choice. […]

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Unveiled at the 2020 Detroit auto show, the Chevrolet Trailblazer was brought back to the US market in 2020 to replace the Ford Focus. After only seven years away on the North American scene, the Trailblazer has been revived as a four-door sedan destined for several emerging markets around the globe. Launched as a new […]

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The new Chevrolet Volt is designed to meet a new generation of drivers. With a sleek, athletic design and delivering 80 kilometres of electric vehicle range, the technological innovations and performance enhancements are further complemented by a stylish design that combines aerodynamic efficiency with sleek muscular lines and seating for five. A full sized cup […]